We are here, not just for children, but for parents. Parents who want their children to have an educational advantage – who want to realize the aspirations that they have for their children. We are here to provide the best education possible in structured, accountable environments where high standards, whole-hearted educators, rigorous academics, and good citizenship combine to prepare every child for success in high school, college, and life.

We believe a parent-teacher-child partnership leads to greater success.

Parents are always welcome. Principals and teachers make themselves available to discuss parent concerns.

Teachers provide frequent updates on academic progress. Parents have online access to the school calendar, their child’s attendance record, academic updates, and grades.

Teachers send home weekly folders; the principal publishes a regular newsletter; the school uses an automated phone system to inform parents about school events and remind parents of important dates like parent/teacher conferences.

Parents have the opportunity to provide us with feedback twice a year through our Voice of the Parent Survey.
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